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» Why is Obama’s “jobs council” AWOL?

Why is Obama’s “jobs council” AWOL?
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Posted on 7/19/2012 by with 0 comments

From Homanevents.com

Did you know Barack Obama has a “Council on Jobs and Competitiveness?”  You might well have forgotten, because they haven’t met with the President in six months.  White House spokesman Jay Carney says it’s because Obama “has obviously got a lot on his plate,” by which he presumably means political fundraisers. Remember when Obama loudly and repeatedly declared that jobs were his “number one priority?”  Yeah, he was just playing with you.  He’s “obviously” got a lot of other stuff on his plate that’s much more important.  He always has. One possible reason for the Council’s curious lack of participation in President Obama’s seventeenth “pivot to job creation” – which, I suppose, formally ended when Senate Democrats announced their willingness to let Taxmageddon push us all the way back into a recession – is that the Obama Council on Jobs and Competitiveness agrees with Mitt Romney. Specifically, as Jim Pethokoukis notes at the American Enterprise Institute blog, the President’s jobs council endorses reducing America’s corporate tax rate – currently the highest in the world – and moving to a “territorial” tax system, which would exempt income earned by American companies overseas from those crushing U.S

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