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» Are Progressive Political Bloggers Coving up Benghazi?- APB Editorial

Are Progressive Political Bloggers Coving up Benghazi?- APB Editorial
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Posted on 10/28/2012 by with 0 comments

We at Americanpoliticalblogs.com are wondering why it is that the political blogs on the left seem to be silent or defensive on Benghazi at this point.  While we are not going to susbtantiate some of the wild rumors being circulated on the right, though we are covering them, we must question why progressives overwhelmingly are choosing to defend the President on the Benghazi affair.

When the right came to the defense of President Bush over his mismanagement of the Iraq war, their efforts appeared as partisan and myopic as the the efforts by progressives today to defend the President in this fiasco.  The degree of culpability can be questioned, but the fact that the Presdident’s Administration badly managed the before, during, and after events of the Benghazi assault should not be defended, not even if the President is in your political camp.

Before the assault occured, requests were made for increased security, requests that were denied.  One could argue whether President Obama should or should not have known about these requests, but one cannot argue that NOT granting requests for increased securuty was a gross oversight by the adminsitration as a whole.

During the assault, the adminsitration had ample real-time intelligence coming in which would have shown a full attack was being orchestrated against a US Ambassador.  For the sake of political correctness, and, if we are to believe Leon Panetta, fear of putting our troops in harms way (never mind the troops, the seals, who were already IN harms way), options to come to the rescue of the Ambassador and the other Americans on the ground were never excecuted.  Again, we could argue the degree of culpability here.

Perhaps it was not President Obama’s responsibility to make sure military assets were called into action to protect the Ambassador and the people already on the ground (facing over a hundred armed insurgents), but it was SOMEBODY’S responsibility in the adminsitration, and thus the ADMINISTRATION of this President FAILED to provide protection to Americans, literally watching them die on drone cameras being fed live to their operations center.

After the assault, someone in the adminsitration sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice to the Sunday talk shows to make a statement that the Administration KNOWS that this was NOT an organized assault, but the result of an Anti-Muslim video.  One could argue that the intelligence community was not completely sure whether the assault was pre-meditated or an extension of a protest that got out of control, but one CANNOT, in good intellectual honesty, argue that at any time the intelligence community, be it CIA or State Department, had any belief that there was NO DOUBT that this was the result of an Anti-Muslim Movie on Youtube.

Who sent Susan Rice out, representing the Obama administration, with a lie that this administration KNOWS the assault was the result of an Anti-Muslim movie?  These questions are only being asked by the right.  And yes, it is true, the right is making the worst of every fact that comes out, but does that mean that progressive political blogs should do the work of covering up every possibly truth that might negatively affect their man?

The Administration FAILED to put in proper security before the attack.  The Administration FAILED to protect the Americans on the ground in Benghazi.  The Administration sent someone out to LIE to the American people about Benghazi.  The Administration received protection and cover from those who profess to believe in freedom and liberty, the progressive bloggers, who have decided to protect their man over pursuing the truth.  If Obama is merely the victim of bad underlings making bad decisions, that will come out and the bad underlings will be held accountable.  If Obama is more than a victim of bad underlings, but the major decision maker that created the Benghazi injustice on Americans, then he should be held accountable like any other president, whether he or she is a republican or a democrat.

I say, shame on those who are now playing the part of being the Pravda of the American Fourth Estate, who have put their political pursuasion over truth and adopted the same standards and principles as Soviet Russia, to win by any means necessary.

Parker Davis

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