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» #ObamasFavoriteCharity trending in response to Trump October Surprise

#ObamasFavoriteCharity trending in response to Trump October Surprise
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@HunterDuesing start a hashtag thing Bill Ayres Legal Defense Fund #ObamasFavoriteCharity

#ObamasFavoriteCharity The Axelrod Association for the Prevention of Combovers

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#ObamasFavoriteCharity Puppies 4 Progressives..takes shelter puppies and grinds them into a protein meat paste for new food stamp recipients

#ObamasFavoriteCharity The rainy day fund for the 57th State

#ObamasFavoriteCharity the Chris Matthews Tingle & Stroke Research Fund

#ObamasFavoriteCharity The Barack Obama Fund for the Advancement of Barack Obama by Barack Obama

RT @vbspurs: #ObamasFavoriteCharity The Frank Marshall Davis Foundation For Community Oragnisers

#ObamasFavoriteCharity Van Jones- Van Repair & Maintenance Training Program for Unemployed Czars.

#ObamasFavoriteCharity Families of Victims of Workplace Violence and Man-Caused Disasters

#ObamasFavoriteCharity S.E.I.U.—any local chapter-anywhere!

#ObamasFavoriteCharity The you didn’t build it foundation

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