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» Communists, Obama love SCOTUS, Obama2012

Communists, Obama love SCOTUS, Obama2012
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Posted on 6/28/2012 by with 0 comments

In wake of the disappointing SCOTUS ruling empowering the Federal Government to use ‘taxes’ to force us to buy products and services they deem ‘for the good of the whole’, it is not surprising that the Communist Party of America is desperate to get their Socialist spokesperson, Barack Obama, re-elected.  The SCOTUS ruling galvanizes progressives (those who put their trust in government social engineering) and conservatives (those who put their trust in individual liberty and responsibility).  The communists fall into the former camp.  Which camp do you fall into?

From theblaze.com- Communist Party: Obama‘s Reelection is ’Absolutely Essential’

For reasons we at the Blaze have never fully found persuasive, it has long been considered bad form to accuse President Obama of communist or socialist sympathies, even in the most roundabout way. Yet what happens when the communists themselves sympathize with him? We have not yet been handed our official protocol on that from the mainstream media

Read Post on Theblaze.com - Communist Party: Obama‘s Reelection is ’Absolutely Essential’
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