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» Obama to use Waldo Canyon Fire to fuel campaign

Obama to use Waldo Canyon Fire to fuel campaign
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Posted on 6/27/2012 by with 0 comments

Obama Waldo Canyon Fire Campaign Stop coming up

The Freedomist is predicting President Barack Obama and his staff is working feverishly to put together the security arrangements they need for the President to fly out to the Colorado Wildfire Zone where he hopes to use the catastrophe to highlight the political gamesmanship of the GOP.  If SCOTUS has ruled against Obamacare, he plans on using the fires to demonize SCOTUS for ruling against providing for emergency services that could have been used to help victims of the fires.

If this prediction comes true, then President Obama will be following the Rahm Emanuel doctrine, ‘never waste an emergency’, to an extreme of dangerous proportions.  Not only will a visit by the President interfere with the real work of battling the epic fires, but it will cost the state of Colorado hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for Obama‘s security.  No doubt Obama will attempt to make this campaign stop an ‘official’ visit so he can save his cash-strapped campaign AND exploit a very dangerous situation for purely political gain.

The question here is this- do you need to be progressive or conservative to disapprove of ANY president interjecting himself in the middle of a natural disaster and delivering a stump speech eviscerating his political opponents through the exploitation of the natural disaster itself?  We would hope progressives and conservatives would come together and decry such a low-born, classless move if this prediction by The Freedomist actually happens

From Freedomist.com

Obama plans on using CO Fire as campaign stop- what will it cost Colorado for security?-

Obama To Stump In Colorado?-  William Raymond Collier

In a stunning display of hubris and political synicism President Obama is likely to show up in Colarado tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

During his appearance, The Freedomist has learned, Obama plans to talk about how the GOP is “distracting” America from “real problems” like the fires in Colorado with their “endless investigation” into Fast and Furious.  read more

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