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» NBC’s Gregory Grills Rubio: Does GOP Have ‘Racism’ Problem on Illegal Immigration?

NBC’s Gregory Grills Rubio: Does GOP Have ‘Racism’ Problem on Illegal Immigration?
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Posted on 6/25/2012 by with 0 comments

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From Newsbusters.com

During an interview with Senator Marco Rubio on Sunday’s NBC Meet the Press , host David Gregory hit the Florida Republican for his support of Mitt Romney, who “had to run hard to the right here on illegal immigration” and is “far behind President Obama among Latino voters.” Gregory then quoted from Rubio’s new book, An American Son , and proceeded to portray Republican opposition to illegal immigration as racially motivated: “‘I begin to wonder if some of the people who speak so disparagingly about immigrants would be just as worked up if most of them were coming from Canada.’ You suggest a level of racism here toward illegal immigrants. How much of a problem does the Republican Party have on this issue?” Rubio shot down Gregory’s assertion: “Well, first of all, that assumes that all these voices are Republicans, the enormous, vast and overwhelming majority of Republicans are supporters of legal immigration, are compassionate to the plight of legal immigrants – illegal immigrants, but understand that America cannot be the only country in the world that doesn’t enforce its immigration laws.” Earlier in the segment, Gregory played a sound bite of President Obama bashing the GOP for not supporting the Dream Act and argued: “Isn’t the President right to this extent? You’re not even comfortable saying what you would do about a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who are here, even the children of illegal immigrants, because this is such a tough issue in the Republican Party over what is, quote unquote, ‘amnesty.’” Gregory began the interview by fretting over the possibility of the Supreme Court upholding Arizona’s new illegal immigration law: “As you know, critics say this is tantamount to racial profiling. Law enforcement has the ability to pull somebody if over

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