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» Obamacare loss would be loss for US

Obamacare loss would be loss for US
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Posted on 6/25/2012 by with 0 comments

If you think Obamacare‘s demise is a good thing for America, perhaps you should review the 10 reasons why Obamacare‘s end, should the Supreme Court strike down Obamacare, is not as good for America, or for yourself, or for your business, as you might think-

From thinkprogress- 10 Things You Would Miss About Obamacare

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act this week and could potentially strike down part or the whole of ‘Obamacare.’ Below are 10 things you will miss about the law if the justices invalidate it: 1) Access to health insurance for 30 million Americans and lower premiums. More than 30 million uninsured Americans will find coverage under the law. Middle-class families who buy health care coverage through the exchanges will be eligible for refundable and advanceable premium credits and cost-sharing subsidies to ensure that the coverage they have is affordable. 2) The ability of businesses and individuals to purchase comprehensive coverage from a regulated marketplace. The law creates new marketplaces for individuals and small businesses to compare and purchase comprehensive coverage.

Read Post on thinkprogress - 10 Things You Would Miss About Obamacare
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