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» Book Review: Taxpayers Don’t Stand a Chance

Book Review: Taxpayers Don’t Stand a Chance
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Posted on 8/5/2012 by with 0 comments

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From Breitbart.com

Are you interested in learning how Ohio tumbled near the bottom of the economic heap under largely Republican leadership over the past two decades, or looking for the inside line on Romney’s chances in the vital state? Matt Mayer offers data-rich conservative perspective in his new book Taxpayers Don’t Stand a Chance: Why Battleground Ohio Loses No Matter Who Wins (and What to Do About It) . Mayer, the founder of think tank Opportunity Ohio , a Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and a Research Fellow at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs , also recently served as president of The Buckeye Institute , Ohio’s leading free-market think tank. In Taxpayers Don’t Stand a Chance , Mayer recounts Ohio’s history as a land of presidents, successful companies, and individual wealth.

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